Neoframe has leading technologies in high performance system software for today's complicated financial applications.  Since 1999, Neoframe has developed market data processing and trading system as well as middleware software for financial market especially brokerage market. Neoframe’s solutions can cover more than couples of 100,000 concurrent sessions for processing market data feed and trading information as well as order processing with minimal response time and system load. Major securities companies in Korea are using Neoframe’s solution for their customer.

Recently Neoframe has developed financial institutional grade Digital Asset Exchange platform including high performance matching engine like stock trading eco-system, it is scalable and can cover over 2 million transactions per second in matching engine and couples of 100,000 orders per second with under 100 micro second latency and using minimum system resources.

CoreDAX is a brand name of cryptocurrency exchange service of Neoframe and will be opened in 3rd Quarter of 2018 and also Neoframe is talking with several service vendors to discuss cooperation of service.

Neoframe will expand its business to blockchain based digital asset exchange for stocks and bonds, etc. in the near future.

Neoframe's goal is to provide the best high availability and performance solution for mission-critical financial market for today and tomorrow.


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